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Usages of Plaster of Paris

Gypsum (Caso4.2h2o) is a hydrated calcium sulphate occuring mostly bedded deposits. Three varites of gypsum are known, namely selenite, satinspar and alabaster. Selenite is transparent variety of gypsum,satinspar is fiborus and alabaster is massive and compact variety. Alabaster is mostly used for making ornamental works .another variety which is massive porous and admixed with clay and sand is known as gypsite. Indian gypsum is mostly this type. In the country, gypsum is mostly used in the manufacturer of cement, fertilizer, plaster of paris, ceramic and distemper. Smaller quantity is used as soil conditioner for absorption of moisture and nitrogen and carving and stauary purpose. In other countries chiefly in the U.S.A. large quatity of gypsum is used in the manufacture of wall plaster, partion blocks, tiles stucco etc. The manufacturer of plaster of paris and distemper require mostly crystaline gypsum of selenite type containg above 85% Caso4.2h2o. High class plaster of paris is used as bandages and little inferior type for making moulds in pottery industry and for making dolls etc. Surgical plasters require gypsum having a minimum purity of 90% lndia has large reserve of gypsum. Over 90% reserve are located in rajasthan. This state also acccounts for over 90% of total production. Other produving states are tamilnadu, utterpardesh, gujrat and jammu &kashmir. Rajasthan gypsum is mostly of gypsite type found in bedded deposits. Selenite is mined at chittar-ka-par and thomb in barmer distt. Rajasthan produces gypsum varing in grades from 70% to 95% Caso4.2h2o.

Some More Uses of Gypsum
  • Medical applications
    • Orthopedic surgery
    • Manufacturing thermo packs, bandages
    • Dental moulds and dental casting impressions
  • Ceramics and pottery : ceramic moulds and crucibles sets
  • Paints : for distempers and paints
Interior decorating
  • False ceiling
  • Decorating boards and blocks
  • Repairing of building cracks
Marble and stone cutting
  • Fixing the stones on cutting
  • Polishing trolleys
Film industry : for preparing temporary show structures sets and in studios Construction
  • Noise proofing
  • Plastering
  • Making partition boards
  • Art work
  • Taking finger prints for crime detection and palmistry
  • Crayon making: for making chalk, crayons, pastels, tailor chalk, marking chalk etc
  • Boiler : as a boiler lagging compound
  • Preparing ornamental moulds : for metal ornamental pieces, statues and show pieces
  • Modeling : for anatomy models and other educational models or show pieces
  • Toy making : for table show pieces, educational items and toys